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Reasons Why Eating Before Sleep May Not Be Good for You

You will agree with me that at one point you must have found yourself in the kitchen till late in the night preparing some sumptuous meals. Whereas you may have enjoyed eating the food, the big question is whether the food was beneficial to your body or it turned out to be some 'poison' to you. Many questions have been raised to investigate whether food eaten at night is healthy for you. The key area of concern is the issue of calories and rapid weight gain. In this article, I will touch on some of the reasons why eating late may be considered unhealthy for you.

To begin with, eating before bed has a great impact on digestion. You must have come across the term dyspepsia or stomach upset. Research has it that eating large meals just before you retire to bed could lead to such conditions. Heartburn is also a common indigestion problem. In most cases, this is caused by eating and then lying down after that. This would mean that every moment when you eat late in the night then you immediately sleep then you stand a good chance of suffering from this condition. Be sure to read more today!

It also has a big impact on the quality of sleep. It is not all about the love for cool sleep but how important sleep is to our bodies. It all starts with discomforts and acid reflux that may make it almost impossible to fall asleep. Your eating habit has a lot to do with the quality of sleep that you will have. Consumption of other substances such as caffeine also has a great on the quality of sleep that you will have. In addition to this, it is important to note that several things could make you not catch a good sleep. You should thus not rush to any conclusions before you know what could be wrong.Is canola oil good for you?

Weight gain is another key challenge that has been reported among most people who eat just before sleep. During the day, the body is active yet at night the opposite is true. A change in the consumption of calories within the body could be the reason for the whole problem. With the change in the body's circadian rhythm then there may be a big change in the metabolism process. With all these, you now know why it is not advisable to eat late in the night before sleep.Read more about oils at

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